San Francisco, California
201-500 employees
January 1, 2018


Cyntexa is a leading Salesforce Crest (Gold) Consulting Partner, an ISV Partner, and a PDO Partner serving all around the Globe.We are an approved Salesforce B2C Commerce Consulting Partner and a Level II Specialist delivering the most innovative solutions for E-Commerce needs.As Salesforce Managed Service Providers and Datorama Partners, we are focused on helping organizations utilize the Cloud CRM to its fullest.

Offered services

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Cloud Strategy Consulting is a service utilized by companies to transfer their valuable data onto the cloud. This technology, also referred to as cloud-native optimization, can assist businesses in eliminating unnecessary expenses and the need for reimplementation. Opting for suitable Cloud Strategy Consulting Services can enable an organization to adjust its scale upwards or downwards, in response to constantly evolving business needs.

Salesforce Integration

We develop APIs, consume external SOAP or REST APIs and Integrate through ETL tool to support business-critical applications and processes

Real-Time integration

Batch integration

Alliances and partnerships

Salesforce Partner
PAR- 10407


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